Ireland and Lisbon

Lisbon and Abortion???

An article by a prominent No campaigner appeared in todays Irish Times entitled

“Yes vote on Lisbon could open door for abortion”


I posted the following comment in reply:

“I disagree with Mr Greene’s argument that the European Court could some day use the Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of Rights to impose abortion on Ireland. The Court and the Charter only affect issues on which the EU has the power to act (where the EU has “competence”, to use the legal phrase). The EU has no competence in relation to abortion, and the Lisbon Treaty will not change that.
If the EU could impose abortion after Lisbon, it could impose abortion now – in fact it cannot do either.
On this and other issues, Mr Greene claims that the Lisbon Treaty has effects that few other people think it has. For example, the German and Czech constitutional courts have each ruled that the Treaty does not create a new federal or “Super State”, as Mr Greene suggests.
As for our economy, a Yes vote to Lisbon will not solve our huge problems in the short term. A No vote would provoke a crisis in the EU and make it harder for all the member states to work together to resolve the current problems.

Ni neart go cur le cheile.”

For those outside Ireland the last sentence could be translated as “There is no strength without unity”.

One of the problems in debating No supporters is that some of them see things in the treaty that nobody else sees.

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  1. I think your last sentence pretty much sums it up Jim. Now I am by no means a Lisbon expert but it seems to me that there is a mix of misinformation and dilusion on the No side of the campaign. The governement can go back and back again to the EU for concessions but the No’s will find something to pick at.

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