Ireland and Lisbon

Now, big (I hope) news!

A group of Irish people in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe have joined together as “Europe for Ireland” to promote a Yes vote. We have been signalling our presence virally, through a website and through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Today we issued our first press release announcing our presence – see below.

For further information (and suggestions as to how you can support us…) have a look at our website:

I should clarify that views in this blog are entirely my own personal views and not necessarily those of Europe for Ireland. We are an informal group of Irish people and not a political party so we do not have to pretend that we agree with each other on every issue under the sun. We are united in our support for a Yes vote.


Contact: Jim Murray +32 476084167
Date: 2 September 2009


A group of Irish people living in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe
have come to together under the name “Europe for Ireland” to support
the campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on
2nd October.

The group includes a wide range of people of different backgrounds
working in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe.

According to Chairman Kevin Leydon, “We have something unique to offer
to the debate on the Lisbon Treaty – our experience of how the EU
actually works in practice. Some of our supporters have worked in the
institutions; others work for NGOs and the private sector.”

Europe for Ireland will mobilise the Irish in Brussels and elsewhere
in Europe to support the Yes campaign. We will highlight the
contribution of Irish people to the EU and will provide facts to
counteract misunderstandings that arise during the campaign. We will
point to the opportunities for Ireland in the Lisbon Treaty and urge
our friends and families in Ireland to vote for the Treaty.

Our website is

“Irish people resident abroad cannot vote in the referendum”, says
Communications Director Jim Murray, “but as patriotic Irish men and
women, citizens of Ireland, we are doing what we can in the best
interests of Ireland to promote a Yes vote to Lisbon.”

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