Ireland and Lisbon

The blogosphere (Eurosceptic section) is alive with stories that the Vatican came out against the Lisbon Treaty. The stories (or story) seem to originate in a Daily Telegraph piece on Thursday, reporting remarks apparently made by Cardinal Bertone Vatican Secretary of State during the pope’s visit to the Czech Republic last weekend – under the headline “Vatican issues Lisbon Treaty warning to Irish voters”.
The article in the Telegraph reports that COIR welcomed the Vatican’s intervention. Declan Ganley is reported as saying that “Cardinal Bertone represented the Church’s true position” – a powerful endorsement of the orthodoxy of the Vatican Secretary of State.
Well, now. There may be less to this than meets the eye. No doubt Cardinal Bertone said something, but if he said or meant that he wanted the Irish to vote No, it’s surprising that we had to wait until Thursday and the Daily Telegraph to find out about this. If he meant and said that the Irish should vote No, I would have expected his remarks to be reported, at least by the “secular” agencies, not to mention the big Catholic News Agency
I would have thought also that a certain Eurosceptic President in the very country that the pope was visiting at the time might also have noticed his remarks.
He might also have told COIR earlier and silenced the Irish Catholic Hierarchy, who said that Catholics could vote Yes or No in good conscience.
Looks like the Telegraph fell for a manufactured story that suited its views on Lisbon.
My father used to say “Paper never refused ink…”

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