Ireland and Lisbon

COIR is a conservative Catholic group that seems to have been the biggest spenders on the No side, with claims such as Lisbon = Abortion and Euthanasia.

A few days ago they appointed themselves as “monitors” of the election process, to ensure that there would be no fraud, ballot box stuffing, ballot boxes falling off lorries and the like, and “to ensure the vote is fair, free and transparent”.

Do they not know that the EU has an honourable record in monitoring elections around teh world. They could have sent to Brussels for a team to come over to supervise?

Seriously, though, independent civil servants and local government employees, with the help of our independent police force, the Garda Siochana, supervise the election and counting procedures. The integrity of that process has never seriously been questioned. COIR’s self-appointed “mission” will not strengthen that process – it will only make things harder for the honest people conducting the count.

There will be human error in the count, there always is in a project of this size, but there are also many safeguards to undo the effects of such errors if they arise. Counting of ballots is carried out in public and returning officers bend over backwards to accommodate requests for re-counts and re-checks.

My guess is that COIR are anticipating a Yes vote and are trying to lay the ground for allegations of fraud and “we wuz robbed”. Watch this space.

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