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No does not always mean No

“Soyez bienvenue! Je peux vous offrir un café, un verre peut-etre? No, merci, c’est gentil. D’accord. Asseyez-vous”. This was a typical greeting from friendly Belgian people, when I first moved to Brussels in 1990, but it was a culture shock for me. Things are different in Ireland. In Ireland, the conversation would go like this.… » read more

Posted by Jim Murray

Referendum Date

The date for the second referendum on the Lisbon treaty has now been set for 2nd October. We now have a target date. For supporters of a Yes vote, the results of the European elections in Ireland were fairly positive. In the North-West, Declan Ganley of Libertas, the most prominent (and the richest) opponent of… » read more

Posted by Jim Murray